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Accounting and Planning

Tax Accounting and Planning

A must, every year

Key Services

  • Individual Tax Returns

  • Partnership Tax Returns

  • Company Tax Returns

  • Trust Tax Returns

  • SMSF Tax Returns

  • Payroll Tax Returns (QLD, VIC, NSW)

  • Government Grant applications (state and federal based grants)

  • Dedicated Tax Planning Sessions before year end

  • Tailored advice to individual circumstances

  • Review of existing business legal structure, to identify tax planning opportunities

  • Setup of any form of new business structure

  • International structuring if applicable, see our international tax page

Tax Accounting and planning is where the profession started, and is often how a good accountant is judged. We ensure compliance with all areas of domestic tax (international too, but see our other page for that). We do all types of tax returns for businesses and individuals, and pride ourselves for still maintaining one of the lowest fees in the market, regardless of the high quality of compliance we aim to achieve. 

There are a number of peripheral taxes in the Australian system, many of which don't require any additional compliance (think stamp duty, vehicle registration etc.), one significant exception is payroll tax. Payroll tax varies between states in rate and rules, but often comes with an additional compliance reporting obligation. It is so important in business to have a qualified tax agent working with you year-round to identify these risks as they arise, because penalties are likely if they are not caught in time. This is why we advocate to complete our clients bookkeeping and payroll.

For businesses, we don't often even charge for tax return completion, because if we are also completing the bookkeeping, payroll and other services, why would we need to? This saves clients thousands of dollars a year in fees, all for something they are often entitled to anyway. We believe an honest approach is the best way forward in business.

Tax planning is an entirely different area, and for individuals and businesses, we offer tax time planning sessions. Each year, after the budget, there are often many new tax planning opportunities that arise. If you are looking at a large tax bill, we can make sure you receive any concessions and savings you may be entitled to that are operationally possible. We even give our clients an indication on what their tax bill will look like with or without taking tax planning measures.

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