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Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

The base for everything else

Key Services

  • Enter Sales Invoices

  • Debtor Follow Up

  • Monthly Debtor Statements

  • Enter Purchase Invoices

  • Pay business Bills (with permission!)

  • Bank Reconciliations and Allocations

  • Upload of personally paid expenses

  • Monthly Profit and Loss/Balance Sheets

  • Payroll

  • Checking of award compliance

  • Leave Balances and Leave request portal

  • Employee payroll portal

  • Payslips sent to employees

  • Single Touch Payroll and STP Finalisation at year end

Bookkeeping and payroll are often ground zero for new and existing businesses. Bookkeeping can be simple, or incredibly cumbersome, and can include purchases, sales,  purchase orders, quotes, inventory, manufacturing, prepayments, and any number of other data entry points. Unfortunately, all too often, we see many businesses struggle in this area, because they are unable to find the help they need at a price they can afford. Worse still, some bookkeepers actually cause more work in fixing things they didn't understand. We are of the firm belief that you are better off having a highly experienced Chartered Accountant as a bookkeeper, that way end of year accounting fees are a thing of the past, and you have timely and accurate reporting, year-round.


This is where we come in, typically having an experienced accountant as a bookkeeper was unfeasible, but with technology advancements in accounting, we are now able to compete on price, and win on quality. In fact, if we do your bookkeeping, we will often not charge a year end fee at all, saving many of our clients thousands a year.

Payroll is a similar headache area for businesses, and knowing all about entitlements, the awards, the NES and Single Touch Payroll is a struggle even for the most experienced accountants, let alone first time business owners. Our key operational experience in small-medium business is how we are able to keep on top of all things payroll, and we include payroll in our pricing as well.

Better yet, we are often able to enter purchase invoices, sales invoices, perform debtor follow ups, send monthly debtor statements, and even pay your bills (with your written permission of course).

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