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CDG Accounting is a leading provider of taxation preparation, consultancy, management accounting and bookkeeping services. We provide these services to a diverse range of industries and entity sizes, both in person and remotely.

We like to partner with our clients and be actively involved in their businesses to both further our understanding and simultaneously improve our quality of work, as the better we know your business or individual circumstance, the more tailored assistance we can offer.


Although we specialise in tax, some of our staff members have corporate backgrounds, having held senior management positions at companies that operate across a wide array of industries. Through this knowledge base, we are able to provide accounting based consultancy to offer meaningful insights and improve your businesses profitability.


The core of our profession is basic bookkeeping, as with high quality data, many of these other services are automatically provided at no cost! We have strong systems knowledge and accreditation with many software providers, and have done many transitions from accounting only systems such as Xero, MYOB and Reckon, all the way up to ERP systems such as QAD and SAP B1.


Our tax experts will help you with all things tax, including preparation of income tax returns, BAS, FBT returns, IAS, Payroll tax and more. We deal with clients that operate as companies, trusts, sole traders, partnerships and even SMSF's. Rest assured, our knowledge of the tax system in Australia is vast, and we will use this to service your requirements.


Construction and Property Accounting is a highly specialised area. With the variations to existing tax methods (eg. GST Margin Scheme) as well as the highly necessary forecasting and profitability reporting, a specialised touch is needed. Coupled with an in-house Real Estate Agency, we can advise and assist with all things property.


The business world is becoming increasing globalised, and many businesses are finding compliance exposure with international tax authorities. We are able to advise and assist with many cross-border arrangements, and will always recommend an initial exposure check to determine if there are any international tax lodgements required!


We offer turn-key solutions for anyone looking to commence or continue operating a business. We have had a hand in setting up many businesses across the country with complex structures, sometimes in less than one day! If you have any queries, we will be happy to help, or at least point you in the right direction.

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