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International Tax

International Accounting and Tax Planning

Globalisation comes at a cost

Key Services

  • Inbound and Outbound Taxation Planning

  • Immigration Assistance (MARN 1912065, see CDG Migration)

  • International Incorporation

  • Assistance in creating international permanent establishments (place of business)

  • Advice and assistance with Foreign Tax Treaties and Foreign Tax Laws

Have you recently moved to Australia? Are you considering leaving Australia? Maybe you wish to take your business to the next step. Let us help. CDG Chartered Accounting offers a comprehensive taxation planning service.

Looking to get into business internationally? Have you ever heard of the terms: Transfer Pricing, Controlled Foreign Companies and Transferor Trusts? These are some of the more complex tax laws that exist in Australia. It is vital that an experienced tax accountant works with you when any business operates internationally. The potential audit risk and penalty risk for non-compliance with the Tax Avoidance provisions enforced by the ATO are severe. Before commencing any international business arrangement, make sure you speak to a reputable tax accountant to ensure your structure is legal and transparent, because fixing international tax issues is far more difficult than setting them up. 

Are you a temporary resident looking at departing Australia any time in the future? Did you know that there are different tax arrangements to citizens and permanent residents? For instance, did you know that non-permanent residents in Australia generally do not have to pay the Medicare Levy? Have you ever heard of the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP)?


If you are coming to Australia, are in Australia currently, or are intending to leave soon, you should book a consultation with a tax accountant. Not just for financial purposes, but also Immigration purposes. Did you know a common visa requirement (for almost all visas) is that you do not have an outstanding debt to the Commonwealth of Australia? A very common debt that agents encounter is a tax debt. With the right advice, it will not cause you any issues. We use our expertise as Registered Migration Agents (MARN 1912065) to compliment our taxation knowledge to ensure you will not have any tax issues (or migration issues due to tax!).

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