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Business Consulting

Business Advisory and Virtual CFO

Business operations drive profit

Key Services

  • Management reporting, profit and loss, budgets, variance

  • Implementation of business best practice in operations

  • Human Resource management and advice

  • Insurance policy reviews

  • Cost-cutting analysis and identify additional revenue streams

  • Implementation of new software systems (our partners listed below the blurb)

  • Fixing of existing systems, and implementation of new processes

  • End to end Virtual CFO Services

How your business operates and makes money is the most important aspect of it. Compliance, bookkeeping and payroll are important operational factors, but top-end process consulting is a necessity to ensure these costs remain down, and the revenue remains high. Starting out in business is daunting, and even the most seasoned businessmen and businesswomen struggle with knowing the intricacies of insurance, process accounting, human resources and budgeting.

We firmly believe a strong set of business processes, coupled with the right software and the right team, can lead to success in any business. Software in particular is critical, as it can be the biggest saver of time, or the biggest drainer of time. We have experience in some of the biggest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) softwares on the market, and detailed experience with many smaller, industry specific pieces of software as well. No matter the size of your business, or the industry in which it operates, we can help build sound processes that give you the time to focus on business growth. It all starts with a business assessment and recommendations, and then a good discussion with you, the owner, because no-one knows more about your business.

The financial impact of business consulting is incredibly important as software is often what drives reporting, which leads directly to year-end accounting. We have seen many consultants with limited financial experience, and unfortunately they just don't understand the full picture, and although they may have operational experience, it can add significant stress and cost to your financial reporting. Our balance of operations and financial experience is key, and this is where we think we can help.

We have operational experience in the below software systems, but this is not a full list, and we have experience with systems such as ServiceM8, QAD, SAP, SAP Business One, Xero, Salesforce, Workflow Max, ReceiptBank, HubDoc, MechanicDesk, Reckon (Quickbooks) and many more.

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