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About CDG Accounting and Finance

The antidote to financial stress is clarity!

About Us

Every small business owner knows that financial stress and anxiety are both very crippling.  And that the ATO is very serious when it comes to compliance. The worst-case scenario facing every business owner is the reality of having your business shut down.


CDG Corporate offers a 3 step process to help eliminate financial stress.  We focus on being able to relate to you while also being able to translate the complexity of commercial tax structure.

1. Business Discovery


  • Check the accuracy of the data and ensure it's what it says it is.  Reviewing the reports, and knowing the ins and outs of the business (financial viability review) 

  • Know exactly where your business is at the moment and where to focus and in what order to fix it.


2. Personal Discovery 


  • If an accountant doesn't know the context then the accountant can't advise what to do next.  This is because the numbers by themselves don't have meaning without knowing where the business owner wants to go with it.  

  • Numbers without context are useless.  The accountant's job is more than knowing the numbers… it’s about translating the numbers in a way that helps the business owner achieve their goals.


3. Compliance Discovery 


  • You never want to be in trouble with the ATO.  

  • You can't just bury your head in the sand and hope this will go away.  

  • The ATO is not going away and they will penalise you if you are not compliant.  

  • Define the starting point and know where you are at so you can move forward with confidence.

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